Our focus

#WeMakeEvents continues to raise awareness of our sector and funds for those who operate in the live events supply chain.

The events sector is widely appreciated for its artistic values, as well as the pleasure, memories, and wellbeing it provides for millions of people.

However, through the pandemic it became apparent that all of those who work behind the scenes – companies and freelancers – were not recognised as the critical infrastructure that allow events to happen.

Not only that, the UK Government didn’t acknowledge the financial value of the events sector.  

#WeMakeEvents understands how the financial value of a sector is judged though Standard Industry Codes (SIC). We have been working with the BVEP, PLASA, and other international bodies on a potential solution for SIC codes.

During the pandemic we had specific requests of the UK Government. These are constantly reviewed and our current focus is to:

  1. Ensure the Government and finance sector understand the importance of our £70 billion sector. And we ensure that any future tragedy, such as Covid, never sees the industry struggle for recognition again, and we are seen as highly viable and receive proper support.

  2. Continue to raise awareness that the ‘bounce back’ and re-growth has been predictably phenomenal and to ensure that banks and lending houses regard us as a healthy and attractive investment sector, worthy of competitive business interest rates. After all, we were the UK’s fastest growing sector prior to Covid.

  3. Work with BVEP, PLASA, and other organisations to unify the voice of the events sector and to encourage the consistent use of SIC/SOC codes.

  4. Continue to provide support and fundraising to Backup Tech and associated events sector charities.