In the UK, #WeMakeEvents has selected the Registered Charity Backup

Backup commit to relieve people who have worked in the Entertainment Technology Industry for at least five years, and/or their immediate family members, who are:

  • In need by reason of ill-health or injury.
  • Experiencing unexpected financial distress or hardship.

Because #WeMakeEvents has selected one charity, money raised for Backup will qualify to gain the all-important additional 25% Gift Aid.

Every penny donated via our Giving Page will go straight to Backup.

For more details of Backup please click here.

Furthermore, from the monies raised, Backup will also help fund our select number of additional Registered Charities and community interest organisations as follows:

  • Acting for Others – includes The Theatrical Guild, The Royal Theatrical Fund & Fleabag Support Fund and The ROH Benevolent Fund.
  • Music Support – for anyone in the music industry to help mental, emotional and behavioral health disorders.
  • Stagehand – representing all past and present members of the PSA (Production Services Association) who need help.
  • #MakeItBlue – dedicated to raising funds for mental health charities throughout arts, entertainment and culture.

Applying for Assistance

To apply for assistance from any of the charities and community interest organisations please follow the links below:

Acting for Others

Music Support