Roadievision Song Contest

Calling all roadies. Lots of you are amazingly talented musicians.

So in the run up to Christmas, let’s see you do your own version of ‘The Survival Sessions’ and make a little video of yourselves performing a cover version of a song you like, Christmas themed or not, it’s up to you. We’ll feature them on the #WeMakeEvents YouTube Channel and have a little race for the Roadies Christmas No1, judged on who can get the most views. 

Obviously, the more you persuade people to click on your video, propelling you up the leader board to everlasting glory, the more word gets spread about the #WeMakeEvents campaign. We’ll also include a ‘Donate’ link to our charity partners for anyone who wants to share a few quid for those of us less fortunate at this festive time of year.

What You Need to Do

Make your video to the highest quality you can – ideally a minimum of 1080p resolution – but we know that many Webcams only do 720p.

PLEASE make sure you record it Landscape, not portrait format.

At the beginning of your video, please hold up a little sign with your name, your position, who you work for usually (if you have regular employers) and the name of the artist and the name of the song you’re performing.

Once you’re finished and happy with it please upload it here…

We’ll take care of everything else.

Once they start coming in we’ll upload them to the #WeMakeEvents YouTube channel and let everyone know where they are and from there it’s your job to help spread the word and get as many views/likes as you can in your search for infamy.

Watch Now

RoadieVision Song Contest – Phil Baker – Mr Sharpie HERE

RoadieVision Song Contest – Freya Hopcroft – All I Want For Christmas HERE

RoadieVision Song Contest – John Henrys Backline Dept – Never Gonna Give You Up HERE

RoadieVision Song Contest – Max Bisgrove – Believe in Father Xmas HERE