Creative demonstration takes place in London’s Parliament Square

Following Rishi Sunak’s announcement on the Winter Economy Plan, today, Tuesday 29th September will see the #We Make Events ‘Stand As One’ creative demonstration take place in London to emphasise the importance of the campaign, as well as how the industry is edging ever closer to collapse.

At 12.30pm, on College Green in London’s Parliament Square, this Creative Action Protest will see over 650 industry freelancers, full time employees and business owners affected by the shutdown of events due to COVID-19 stand still and quiet, socially distanced until 1.00pm, then disperse in an orderly fashion. This continues to highlight the plight of the UK’s events industry, and carry on pressuring the Government for vital financial support.

See what we’re asking the UK Government

Reinforcing the professionalism of our sector, all events observe COVID-19 safety protocols, including masks and social distancing. If you want to attend, you can register here.

This will be followed by the Global Action Day on Wednesday

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