The Survival Tour

#TheSurvivalTour Bike Ride –
Wrap Up

Five music industry stalwarts, who cycled even further than Land’s End to John O’Groats, arrived in London on the weekend 17th – 18th October, stopping outside iconic venues in the capital , after cycling 1,500km across the country.

Taking in between 80km-135km each day over two weeks, #TheSurvivalTour represents the music industry touring season that never happened this year. The tour aimed to raise awareness of the plight of the 600,000-plus workers in the UK events industry, a sector regarded as the best in the world, to raise funds for ‘Backup’ – #WeMakeEvents’ chosen charity – that provides help to employees, freelancers and their families suffering in the entertainment sector, and to kick off ‘RESTART’, the next phase of the #WeMakeEvents campaign.

You can still donate and 100% of donations will go to our chosen charity

The five riders and driver of the support vehicle, provided by Crossland Bussing, all have established careers in the events industry, having worked with the biggest names in the world including Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Roger Waters, Florence & The Machine, Mumford & Sons and more. Heading up the initiative was Steve Reynolds and Loud Sound colleague Mike Trasmundi along with Mark Ward of Proper Productions and colleagues Harry Ford and Tyler Cole-Holmes.

For the team, it was so important, professionally as well as personally, to try to help. Our journey has allowed us to travel through more than 100 venues and festival sites in 13 days, but we know that there’s still much to do to get our message out there. We’ve met many people who have consistently told us about the dire straits that they and their colleagues are in. Most of our friends and colleagues work in this industry, we know their families and they are suffering. In fact, it’s like a big extended family, and we couldn’t stand by and let it just disappear without trying to help, raise awareness for the plight and fundraise at the same time says Steve Reynolds, Operations Director – Loud Sound.

“Whilst some of the venues have received help from the Culture Recovery Fund, over 95% of the supply chain has missed out on this. These are the people working in the communities we have passed through. The fact that so many suppliers have missed out shows the size of the industry and the help that is still required. We all want the industry to bounce back quickly once we can reopen, however we need to retain the experience and knowledge inside our industry to allow this to happen” adds Mark Ward, Director – Proper Productions.

“Right now, tens of thousands of people who carry the UK’s hugely successful live music and events industry are out of work, through absolutely no fault of their own. The majority of these individuals are self-employed or sole directors of limited companies, and many have received no financial support throughout this pandemic. These amazing boys who have been cycling daily since 3rd October and have been raising awareness across the regions of our industry venues which are currently lying dormant. The money raised by the survival tour will be given to charity to support our industry families during this most difficult time. A huge thank you from all of us within the #WeMakeEvents family……outstanding efforts by all!” – Gary White, Lead Producer – #WeMakeEvents

Kilometers Completed So Far

Add some mileage — from home

We’re all missing ‘shared experiences’ –  so why not:

  • Cycle: Hop on your bike and help the team reach their 10,000km target!
  • Walk or Run: Call a friend and go together

Anyone can get involved and it’s good for your wellbeing. To do this download the Strava app and join one of The Survival Tour clubs and your progress will be added to the totaliser aabove.